The best solar experience ever.

I’m very satisfied with Ray Energy in general because of their process which seems very seamless. I am going to say all good things about their overall sign-up process. The solar representative seems very knowledgeable in all areas of the solar spectrum, and I am very satisfied with all the answers received to all my questions prior to signing with them. I recommend this solar energy company to anyone who is looking to go Solar. So getting in touch with this company will be a positive experience, I assure you of that, because I never felt in no way the sales pressure that you get from others, and quite honestly, I am very impressed with everything I received from them including their solar installation from sign up to install. The installation only took less than four weeks from the time I signed up. I honestly recommend getting in touch with this company because I experienced full transparency and everything that the sales person told me was promised and delivered 100%. You won’t go wrong.

Andrew H

Total professionalism from start to finish

I had heard good feedback from friends who went solar with Sunrun, so I decided to go with them. The entire process was smooth from start to finish, I was kept in the loop by my salesperson and had the proper expectations set. When my system got installed in mid-September and I still got a $50 APS bill, I knew that was because I didn't have any credits built up (which is still down from $300). Reading some of these reviews, it seems to me that most people who are upset did not have the proper expectations for how their utility works with solar. I would recommend Sunrun to my friends and family.

Anna Brock


Great experience, great product

I was referred to Sunrun by a neighbor. We had done quite a bit of research on solar before making a decision, and chose Sunrun because we felt they were not another fly by night solar installer, as so many of them are! Our process was very smooth. We had a sales consultation at our home, and the consultant, Tom, was knowledgable and took the time to listen to our needs. She clearly proposed a system for us, and we decided to go for it. The rest of the process was smooth, communication was clear. At one point there was a handoff from a coordinator to the branch office, and we didn't hear from them for a day or so, but once they reached out again, we felt better. It took about 2 months from start to finish to have a fully functional installed system. It has run beautifully and is doing what was promised.



I am 100% pleased with the entire process with Sunrun

The Colorado team is Outstanding. Each of their specialized groups communicate so well it's as though they were all in each of the conversations. Their coordination and their completion of including the city for permits and inspections and the set-up with the power company, all seems seamless. Nothing was forgotten. They all treated me like a favored relative. They all worked together like we wish our families would. Very impressive. My point-of-contact from start to finish, and beyond, is Dean Vaganos. I happily recommend him to my neighbors and anyone reading this message.



Absolutely Amazing

Sunrun is a very reliable company. Any concern that I had was answered and covered in a timely manner. They kept me abreast of all procedures that were to take place in the installation of the solar panels and any other electrical work. Would recommend to anyone very Satisfied from beginning to end of their work.

| Hyannis


Great service from Thiago and Sunrun

I got solar 3 years ago from Thiago Barros at Sunrun. The solar has been working great the whole time. My electric is a lot cheaper. Since then my next door neighbors have been installed, by Thiago as well. I want to give Thiago a great review, he is always available to answer any questions and any help I need. Great job Thiago!!



Waqas was very knowledgeable and informative

We were waiting 3 months for install with another company and sunrun was able to install in 23 days! Everything was smooth and easy.



Great Experience, Solar + Storage

I had a great experience with all the processes. I have a Solar + Storage system and it does work perfectly during any power outage. The installation is clean, I haven't had any issue thus far with the system nor the services